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They are crooks and their business is nothing but a scam.

Let’s suppose for a while what if this statement was about your business and you and replace “They” with your business name. Imagine it was published on review portals, blogs, forums or social media.

Even worse, this statement comes up as the first result whenever a potential customer Google your company name or your name. If you think that it wouldn’t happen to you because you are a reputable and honest business, you are wrong.

According to several researches, a negative comment is more likely to go viral and can easily turn off a customer’s buying decision. Your customers actually talk about you in any way, whether they praise you for quality of service. These days, potential customers are much likely to base their decision on the ratings or comments of previous ones.

Reputation Management Company in South Africa

Generally speaking, reputation management consists of assessing, monitoring and influencing the reputation of your brand or business in a positive way. Online reputation management South Africa is a new expertise for individuals and businesses. But it has been enjoying great demand because of the following benefits –

  • Get notified by increasing customer complaints before it’s too late to save your reputation
  • Know any comments or content mentioning your brand or company or your name
  • Come up as the most effective company and active to respond to negative comments,
  • Promote positive content and bury negative reviews and news
  • Strengthen visibility of your brand and reputation by generating positive, engaging content which also boosts traffic, benefits inbound marketing, and improves SEO.

We are capable of handling all parts of online reputation which can be categorized to monitor reputation, build it, and recover.

We can tailor a customized package for reputation management services in South Africa by assessing your competition, needs, budget and expectations. Along with it, we provide major role players with training, knowledge and tools in your business which is vital to manage your reputation in your organization.

Our ORM Services

  • Build Reputation Management – We are here to build a solid credibility, reputation and trustworthiness of your business on the web and enhance the same.
  • Reputation Monitoring – We actively track your reputation and keep you informed about new reviews, comments, posts, articles, shares or mentions related to your business, brands or stakeholders.
  • Repair Reputation Management – We proactively repair and fix your reputation damage done due to negative reviews by a hater or dissatisfied customer, and negative comments by a competitor or ex-employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your reputation can be destroyed in seconds and it takes years to build the same. At the same time, it is not easy to restore the same. According to how complex your case is, it may take several weeks or months to fix your reputation online. You need to keep patience to get the best results.

Well, it depends a lot on the case, how much your reputation is damaged, circumstances, and how much it should be repaired. Feel free to contact us to discuss your issues and plans and pricing information. We are here to do everything to deliver what we commit.