Reputation Management for Doctors

Rest assured with Consistency in Positive Reviews

In this digital age, people choose doctors only after checking online reviews. This way, online reputation management for doctors has been very vital and helpful to expand your presence among target patients. Online reviews help you gain trust of new patients and also influence website traffic.

Along with online reviews, we also monitor something more to help you achieve more positive responses from patients. Our effective ORM solutions improve the satisfaction level of your patients in the form of positive reviews.

Key Features

  • Seamless Monitoring –You may definitely want to know what’s going on in rating websites and doctor reviews about your practice. We help you keep track of your reviews with constant online monitoring.
  • Get a proper report on your reputation –You will get a proper report on your online reputation from time to time as well as your score as per the relevance. You will easily get an insight to the patients’ response to you and your practice.
  • Valuable Insights –We help you gain valuable feedback from patients related to your office, staff performance, bedside manner, procedures, as well as views of your patients. We provide important information to improve customer service, infrastructure and everything else you will ever need.
  • Generate reviews without any stress –You can easily earn and generate more positive responses from patients and enhance your ratings. Our review management is fully automated and stress-free to improve your online reputation on a regular basis.
  • Smart Publishing –We publish the testimonials from your verified patients to review sites which are highly relevant to your dental, medical or healthcare specialty. You can choose the best reviews you want to be published and the ones which can be removed.
  • Precise Verification of Online Reviews –We will help you verify the review of every patient with our permission based system. You can publish testimonials once you get permission from your patients. This way, you can use their recommendations to your advantage.

Keep Track on Your Practice Smoothly

We ensure an automated and smooth process for your reputation management. You can gain and keep track of the patients’ feedback to improve the image of your practice. We will also provide deeper insights to the sentiments of your patients combined with detailed reports in your own dashboard.

Boost Your Online Credibility

Your reviews are probably the first thing which will be seen to the patients. They are very important to boost online reputation for any healthcare business. Along with online ranking, positive reviews are also very important to build new patients’ base and trust. Your practice will definitely get genuine reviews from satisfied patients and they will also be motivated to share their experiences to others. It protects online credibility of your medical practice against negative and fake reviews.

Ensure Patient Retention by Resolving Negative Reviews

You should always respond to negative reviews, create a quick response and apologize if the problem occurs from your side and commit to fix it quickly. Be as positive as possible and don’t blame the person. Our ORM tool will notify you and your practice manager quickly in this case and you will easily respond to negative review. It also improves the odds to transform unhappy patients into satisfied ones. In addition, you can also leave a positive impression among your potential patients that you are committed to their service.