Individual/Personal Reputation Management


Do you know what others are saying about you in social media, press, profiles, online forums, and anywhere else? What people see when they Google you? It’s about your employers and professional circle along with your friends, family and communities you work and live in.

If you want to try it now, simply Google yourself and see what appears. Focus on the first page. It is similar to the headlines or front page of a newspaper. Are you happy with what you see? Are you visible? Does the result truly show who you are actually? Are your past mistakes really interfering with what you are planning to do?

Why do you need Personal Reputation Management?

Admit it – Google has nothing to do with your reputation. It just filters results on the basis of popularity and relevance. If your previous posts or negative posts appear more and more to damage your professional and personal reputation, you need personal reputation management.

Negative search results are the big reason to worry for individuals and professionals. Positive results which are seen highly on the first page can influence reputation, perception, opportunities and trust.

Did you know?

  • Reputation of a CEO reflects around 49% of the overall reputation of a company.
  • Social recruiting is a growing trend these days. Almost all companies choose employees by checking their profiles. Over 93% of companies prefer LinkedIn as their in-house online recruitment platform.
  • Around 70% of employers use social media for screening potential employees and 57% of employers may not interview if you are not found online.
  • Around 73% employers prefer individuals who can be identified with social media platforms.

Is it the right time to control your reputation?

It’s time to control the results that everyone sees when searching for you online. It also ensures protection against any outdated or unwanted negative content. The procedure is simple. We post positive profiles, content, videos, and images to pull down the negatives.

We are known to implement an organic approach to online reputation management instead of being automated. This way, our reputation strategies are long-lasting and unaffected from changes in Google algorithms over time. Ask our experts and they will tell you how they can help you build, repair, or maintain a positive presence.

We understand personal reputation matters more than anything in today’s world. Your personal reputation depends on how you appear online to the world. You should keep in mind what everyone is seeing about you online. You may feel that your online image is clean. But you should still let us inspect things for you. We have served different types of clients from Fortune 500 companies to executives. If you need help or have any queries regarding online reputation, feel free to call us now for further support.