Repair Reputation Management Services


Did you know that even a single negative result can lead to 22% drop in sales for a business? Proper repair reputation management services call a thoughtful and sensible combination of important techniques according to your brand’s reviews and search results.

What do we do?

Reach the Source and Delete Negative Content

We can remove negative online content either from search results or at the source. In order to remove content from the source, it can be possible when we reach the source website directly. In order to make it happen, we negotiate with hosting companies, web publishers or people to remove certain online content. We can also get in touch with publishers for expedited removals. Ask us to know if we can remove the content on source level.

Remove Negative Content from Search Engines

In some consequences, we can remove some content from Google or other search engines. For example, we can get rid of copyrighted content, legally protected content, and content violating search engine norms.

Burying Negative Search Results

Even if it is not possible to remove negative search results, we can at least push them down. This process is called suppression. We create, publish and promote positive content so well that negative content automatically goes down.

Improve your brand

Brands are usually confused with competitor’s brands. They usually have a weak profile. In such cases, we can help improve your online brand. We can promote your website, online profile, blogs and other media.

Counterpoint Narrative

We implement this tool as a temporary measure. It provides the truth or counter narrative which is high in search results. This way, our clients no need to explain what actually happened. Potential stakeholders and customers can access the same in online searches. We can take down the same at the right time.

Huge Success Rate

We are known to have higher success rates as compared to other ORM service providers as we use authentic techniques that really work. We can help repair reputation management at reasonable prices without wasting your time on a campaign.

How Much Does Reputation Repair Cost?

When it comes to covering the overall cost of online reputation, it is not easy to specify without discussing your problem. It is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach and the issues vary from case to case. Some reputation issues are not easy to solve and they need more resources. This is the reason every campaign is designed on the basis of your unique needs. We are here to stay transparent with clients on the techniques from the first day itself.

There are different factors which can influence brand opportunity in this day and age. We can help figure out how much your reputation can cost you. Feel free to call us for free analysis and set up an appointment to discuss the necessary steps.