Remove Consumer Court Complaints


There is no lack of consumer forums where users can file complaints online. These platforms have become popular these days. These sites rank very well because of high traffic and they appear most frequently in search results. It can hamper its reputation and business over the world. On the flip side, these sites enable customers to expose business doing fraudulent practices. But competitors, political parties, frustrated ex-employees and angry customers can find it an opportunity to defame any business. Such types of comments and reviews can affect the view of customers about your brand or business. It’s time for you to take it seriously and call us to remove Consumer Court complaints.

We understand the value of your online reputation. Hence, we provide the best and permanent solution to remove complaints. We perform the following actions –

  • Approaching Complainants/Users
  • Approaching Forum/Website
  • Burying links in Social Media and SEO

Apart from burying negative reviews, we also try all the possible ways to get them removed permanently.

Approaching Users

First of all, we try to approach the users who have posted such information, who might be an organization, party or a person. We can request them to remove the content from the forum or board. Some may refuse to remove consumer board complaints. Sometimes it is not easy to track the person who has posted such types of comments.

Approaching Forums

You have to consider online reviews as they can break or make your reputation. The customers don’t have enough time to inspect each product as it takes time. So, they rely on other customers’ reviews. Every customer can express their problem with any service or products. We can request the forums to remove those threads and negative entries. We contact them politely, describe your history, business background, and other info. Sometimes they remove such entries on company’s requests.

Burying Complaints in Search Results

These days, customers have evolved. They decide whether to choose your business on the basis of online reviews. They always want to shop reputed and branded products. They always choose a service from a business which has positive reviews, reputation and brand. No matter how aggressive your pricing is and how good your offering is, some people just want to destroy your goodwill. They post reviews that can affect your reputation on the first page of Google. So, we know different ways to deal with negative results, such as –

  • Create profiles with keywords on social media
  • Create and publish Press Releases on top PR sites
  • Optimizing main and home page of your website with keywords
  • Making a blog on blogger, WordPress etc. with keywords to optimize them
  • Building links to improve value of your brand
  • Monitoring Google results regularly
  • Creating more pages and building more links