Guaranteed Link Removals


Unnatural links simply do more harm than good to your website. The effects of these unnatural links include complete removal of pages from search engines or dropping search ranks. Here’s how we can help –

  • Link removal and manual outreach
  • Link profile analysis and extraction of Backlink data
  • Prevent and fix Google Penalties
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Pre/Post Keyword Ranking Report
  • Proper Project Management

Is the ranking of your website declining significantly on a daily basis despite several efforts? It could be because of unwanted links that have been accumulated before. Is Google alarming you about unnatural links?

Whether you have been warned, you need to look for professional services to avoid all unnatural links. We are here to remove all the unwanted links towards your site. We can deal with this tedious process and protect your site from any risk of Google penalties.

What You Should Know about Unnatural Links?

If links from Web 2.0, websites or other unnatural sources are not based on your website, these links are known as unnatural links. You may want to link to other websites to share relevant and vital information with the visitors. If there are two unrelated sites and unnatural sources, those links can trigger Google and this measure is known to be a manipulative strategy.

The unnatural links are known to have a negative effect. As per the severity of the issue, the effects might be ranging from declining ranking to complete removal of pages. At the same time, the traffic rate would drop down. Your organic efforts of traffic generation will no longer be effective. At the end, the ROI of your website will dwindle. You may definitely don’t want your site in this situation.

How can we help?

We are known to have vast experience for guaranteed link removals. We can help you in the following ways once you sign up with us –

  • You need to review your site completely to know the type of your business so we can get a complete grasp of the target audience. At the end, it will help you differentiate between unnatural and natural links for your site.
  • Next up, we will inspect your site for link audit and form a complete link profile. Later on, we will compile unnatural links listed and pointed to your site.
  • We will disown all the unwanted links with the disavow tool of Google to remove unnatural link profiles.
  • We will verify all the links again.
  • We create detailed reports including a list of unwanted links we have disowned and detected with Google’s disavow tool.

Why Choose Us?

  • Link Audit is done by our experts
  • SEO experts engaged in your link audit to avoid any errors
  • Comprehensive service to ensure peace of mind and take care of everything while removing unnatural links.
  • Fully proven and tested strategies to get rid of unnatural links to your site
  • Detailed report after every service