Image and Video Removals & Repair


Bad, unwanted and defamatory images, videos and other online content automatically rank high on Google and ruin your reputation online. Unwanted or negative content can adversely affect your professional and personal presence for individuals. It is not easy to remove and challenge this content.

Being associated with negative images and video is definitely the last thing you want. This is where we come to the rescue.

We have vast expertise in removing and dealing with negative online content and defamatory images repair. We associate with our legal partners who guide you about what you can do legally and help on what you can remove and how. We work with our clients closely along the way to build and protect online reputation.

Google Images Removal Services

We can get content removed from Google, such as videos and images. It means that those contents won’t show up in search results and people cannot find the same. But removing content from Google on your own is not that simple. Our reputation managers have proper skills and experience in the following areas –

  • Removing negative or defamatory content from Google
  • Google Removal applications covering information which is outdated, irrelevant and no longer relevant and remove them from search results.
  • Dealing with copyright issues online.
  • Removing negative images or personal information.
  • Protecting you from threats on online reputation.
  • Getting latest details on complex areas and removing links.

The same applies to removing unwanted, negative or copyrighted videos and images online. We assure you with complete transparency to suggest the best approach on Google Images removal services. We can put you back in control of your presence.

YouTube Video Removals Services

Have you come across an embarrassing, negative or defamatory YouTube video related to you or your brand? YouTube is obviously a popular platform in the world. Since YouTube is a public platform, anyone can publish videos with an internet connection. Billions of users publish and consume video across the world. After Google, YouTube stands second among the top search engines. It has more viewers than any other cable network in the world. According to studies, YouTube receives over 300 hours of content every single minute.

So, manually controlling and monitoring that much data is not possible. YouTube is also not restricted to control UGC (User Generated Content) by US Federal Law. These videos usually have negative, embarrassing, or defamatory content about businesses and individuals. Luckily, we can implement a lot of strategies to remove embarrassing or negative videos from Google and YouTube searches.

We are proud to have a specialized team to remove false, negative or defamatory videos on YouTube. We have saved thousands of businesses and individuals and their reputations online.